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I make websites for the small business/entrepreneur.

Good websites don't have to be complicated! So many websites today are hosted at expensive monthly services (even when you aren't making any changes to a site), backed by bloated packages, generated by poorly written software, and loaded with complex environments. This isn't needed in many cases. What I do is create simple static websites -- by hand -- that are compelling, small, fast, and easy to understand and maintain... and with a minimum of bloat! My websites are enabled for SEO and are completely responsive/functional across all platforms, device types, and modern browsers. My websites are hosted on Amazon Web Services, and on Google Cloud Platform.

A simple static website can be one page or many, and may make use of javascript, but does not make use of server-side facilities such as database or PHP. This kind of website is extremely secure, even when linking in product sales using shopping carts and payment systems like Stripe/Square (tm).

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A little about me


Kirk Sticken

I am a retired software developer for the IBM mainframe, and windows/unix midrange platforms. After spending 40 years writing software in assembly language, C, C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript, I retired to Loveland Colorado after falling in love with Colorado on a backpacking trip. In between writing and maintaining websites for my friends and neighbors, I enjoy backpacking, bicycling, travel, hiking, and volunteering for city, county, and federal trail maintenance groups.


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