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I make websites for the small business/entrepreneur.

Good websites don't have to be complicated! So many websites today are hosted at expensive monthly services (even when you aren't making any changes to a site), backed by bloated packages, generated by poorly written software, and loaded with complex environments. This isn't needed in many cases. What I do is create simple static websites -- by hand -- that are compelling, small, fast, and easy to understand and maintain... and with a minimum of bloat! My websites are enabled for SEO and are completely responsive/functional across all platforms, device types, and modern browsers. My websites are hosted on Amazon Web Services, and on Google Cloud Platform.

A simple static website can be one page or many, and may make use of javascript, but does not make use of server-side facilities such as database or PHP. This kind of website is extremely secure, even when linking in product sales using shopping carts and payment systems like Stripe/Square (tm).

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A little about me


Kirk Sticken

I am a retired software developer for the IBM mainframe, and windows/unix midrange platforms. After spending 40 years writing software in assembly language, C, C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript, I retired to Loveland Colorado after falling in love with Colorado on a backpacking trip. In between writing and maintaining websites for my friends and neighbors, I enjoy backpacking, bicycling, travel, hiking, and volunteering for city, county, and federal trail maintenance groups.


Choose a package below, or (if you don't want a package) I can create your page(s) and make them available on portable media, your existing site, or some other method. Call for Pricing!

Standard Hourly Rate 50

Shopping Carts and payment systems have come a long way!

Products like Stripe(tm) and Square(tm) have partnered with shopping cart systems like Snipcart(tm), Foxy(tm), and others to provide a robust shopping experience with no backend server requirments and quite often minimal webpage modifications. Your needs are unique however and we would need to talk about your requirements to see if I can produce a satisfactory solution for you.


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